Maine Wild Blueberries, The Best there Is

The coast of Maine, where sunny days, cool nights, and rich soil conspire to grow nature's best wild blueberries. And where the Merrill family has been harvesting wild blueberries since 1925. We are proud to offer our IQF, USDA Certified wild blueberries wholesale to businesses near and afar. You'll find our wild blueberries used in an array of products including muffins, pie fillings, jams and jelly, as well as yogurt, ice-cream, baby food, wines, ciders, and so much more.

Our wild blueberries are available in Grade, A, B, C and juice stock, all IQF and USDA Certified. We also offer organic wild blueberries certified 100% by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association). If you are interested in our wholesale wild blueberries, please contact Sales at (800) 711-6551 or email

Conventional & Organic Wild Blueberries

Grade A, B, & C is available in 30 pound cartons.

Juice Stock

Ony available in 1150 pound cardboard totes.

USDA Color Score 18-20 16-20 14-20
USDA Defect Score 36-40 32-40 28-40
USDA Character Score 36-40 32-40 28-40
USDA Max % Crushed 6% 10% 20%
USDA Overall Score 90+ 80+ 70+
Suggested Applications
Re-Pack for Retail / Poly Bag    
Dried / Infused    
Muffins / Scones / Waffles, etc…    
Jams / Spreads / Preserves  
Pie fillings and other fillings
Yogurt / Ice Cream / Dairy
Dessert toppings
Smoothies / Blender Drinks
Syrups / Vinegars
Powders / Flake
Beer / Mead / Wine / Tea
Sizing Recommendations
  Regular/Field Run (unsized)
900 - 1200 count/pound
1/4" - 9/16"
6mm - 16mm

Unsized is used for all applications, except where size calibration is preferred.
1200 - 1600 count/pound
1/4" - 3/8"
6mm - 9.5mm

Small is used for all applications, but preferred for drying and muffins.
750 - 900 count/pound
7/16" - 9/16"
10mm - 16mm

Large is used for all applications, but preferred for retail/poly-bags.

* Organic is not available sized small or large – unsized only.